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Children’s eye health and vision are vital to every aspect of their life and development. We place special importance on taking care of children’s eyes and aim to make their trips to the optometrist fun and interactive. All of our products include options designed for children so you can rest assured they’ll get the best treatment and vision correction available.  

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Because vision loss and eye conditions often appear in childhood and tend to progress over time, it is vital that eye examinations are completely thorough and carried out at regular intervals. Our eye examinations for children test for all kinds of vision loss and provide a complete picture of your child’s eye health. We do our best to make the examinations interactive so children feel that they are a part of the experience and take an active role in looking after their eyes.  


Eye examinations are also completely free for children under 16 through the NHS. This also goes for teenagers under 19 in full-time education.  

Children's waiting area at the opticians


When children come in to get their first pair of glasses they experience a range of emotions. We understand that many children will be nervous and excited about how they’ll look with their new glasses, so we work hard to make the environment as relaxed as possible and to ensure that they end up with glasses they’ll love.


Our range includes a huge variety of styles, so there will be plenty to choose from and we’re confident that children of all ages will be able to find the right pair for them.  

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