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Man having a eye examination


At our independent practice in Stalybridge, we offer private and NHS eye examinations so everybody in our community can get quality eye care that works for them. Our experienced optometrists use the latest technology to assess your eyes and vision so you have complete reassurance that your eyes are in good shape.


Many people are entitled to completely free eye tests through the NHS including children under 16, teens under 19 in full-time education and people over 60.  

eye exams start


Everybody’s eyes are different and it can be difficult to know how to keep them healthy. There are plenty of things you can do to care for your eyes like eating healthily and protecting yourself from the sun with treated sunglasses, but there are also plenty of things that require professional help. We are proud to offer care, advice and vision correction to patients of all ages to help keep our community’s eyes healthy.


  • Emergency eyecare (CUES)


We are equipped to help assess and treat patients in need of emergency eye care. Through the NHS CUES service, we are part of a network of community eye care providers who are qualified to provide emergency eye care where and when it is most needed.


  • Cataract pre and post-operative monitoring


Before and after cataract surgery it is important to monitor vision progression and eye health to ensure you are getting the care you need. We are fully equipped to provide convenient and effective cataract monitoring from our practice.


  • Overlay assessments


Coloured overlays are helping more and more people suffering from visual stress. We offer overlay assessments so you can learn whether a coloured overlay could help you manage your visual stress.


Your eye examination will take place at our practice in Stalybridge and will be carried out by an optometrist with years of experience. Using the latest technology your vision and eye health will be examined.


This includes the use of a Fundus camera, which is a device for examining the interior surface of your eyes.


Our examinations are comprehensive so they not only check your vision but screen for eye conditions that can affect your general health as well. After an eye examination with us, you can be confident that you’ll be aware of any vision loss or condition affecting your eyes.

Man having an eye examination at Steve Mayer Opticians
OCT Scan
Eye examination equipment

To make sure our eye examinations are completely thorough we are fully equipped with the latest and best eye care technology. This includes Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), which is a scanner that creates a 3D digital image of the different layers in the back of your eye. These scans allow trained optometrists to check certain areas of the eye to diagnose potentially sight-threatening abnormalities. These scans are a recommended part of all advanced eye examinations and we are proud to be the first practice in the area to offer them.

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